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15 Minutes A Day Can Change Everything For A Struggling Reader!

We can work with your child, wherever they are, rain or shine! Along with Great Leaps, we have changed lives in all 50 states and over 40 countries.


Every child we work with receives loving personalized instruction five days a week from someone experienced with students just like yours.


The history of our programming shows that the majority of students move forward in their reading at 3X more growth than average readers. This includes our students with dyslexia and other learning challenges. 




If you have spent a lot of time and money on solutions that have not produced the results you are looking for, and now you are ready to take the leap, call today.

Take the leap!

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More than just confidence. Results!

From the Source

I don't know what the magic sauce is, but thank you for the encouragement to get started. He's so proud of himself.


We started the Great Leaps process every day at home. What a wonderful change to positively reinforce learning instead of negativity like [our] daughter was getting.

Jody and Alex

We've been using the program for 2-3 months now & what we've witnessed with my son has been close to miraculous. His reading has taken off! I've recommended this program to many of my home-schooling friends, in real life and online.


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